Virtual Market Info

The modern Makers virtual market is here:

Hey Virtual Makers,

The Modern makers Market has gone virtual and we are excited to tell you the many benefits of our virtual market. 
Every Sunday will be Market Day. On market day a $50-100 giveaway will take place for one day only. This will entice as many shoppers as we can to the page to see your business and what you have to offer. This means optimal exposure will happen on the actual market day Sunday. However, all week we will have sharing and snap shots leading up to market day. We will open the giveaway to Canada and America. the $100 will be able to be spent at any one market shop or at 2 shops split at $50  each shop.
How to benefit from the giveaway exposure:
We will be sharing a post about each vendor leading up to the market. We encourage you to inform us (before we post about your shop) if you are holding a market only deal so we can include it in the graphic. A percentage off, buy one get one, free shipping/free shipping over, exclusive gift boxes etc. We feel that anything you can offer shoppers will entice them. We know the pandemic is hitting your shop hard and you might not feel any deals will benefit you, but remember your shoppers are also hesitant to spend right now and these deals will help them think they are getting the best they can for their dollar. Share as much as you can. Tag us, send us graphic anything you want we will re-share all week. 
We will be offering sponsorship spots that you won't want to miss:
If you're too busy to promote, let us do it for you. We will take snap shots, and share from your social media daily for you. 
Having a sale? let us know and we will make your graphic 
Virtual shop chat, on market Sunday we will play your virtual shop chat. Prerecord a video and share a bit about your business, yourself, show off your stock, shop, popular items, anything you think they want to see "live". 
We have attached a flyer about the benefits and what is included at our virtual market. Have a look.....
Heres how it works:
We will be putting up 8 vendor spots and 4 sponsor spots on our website every Monday. once the spaces are sold out we no longer have spaces available for that week. 
Vendor spots $15 ($10 giveaway money $5 admin fee)
Sponsorship Spots $20 ( $5 giveaway $15 admin fee)
*Sorry no exclusivity for any vendors*
If you need more information please email us for an info package.